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Kindergarden 4

Kindergarten Four
Students learn consonant blends, one and two vowel words, reading short stories, cursive writing, addition and other number concepts.

Kindergarten Four

    Language Arts

    Phonic and Reading

  • Recognition of name, sound, and picture of long and short vowels and consonants. Sounding of blends and one and two vowel words.
  • Reading of sentences and stories with one and two vowels
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    Cursive Writing

  • Formation of letters, blends and words.
  • Writing of first name.
  • Poetry.
  • Twenty-six poems and finger plays committed to memory.
  • Language

  • Language development and listening skills that include color, words, shapes, animals, transportation, countries, community helpers, health, safety, manners, science.
  • Numbers

    Number Recognition

  • Number recognition and counting 1-100.
  • Number concepts 1-20.
  • Numbers before and after 1-20.
  • Addition Facts

  • Numbers largest and smallest 1-20
  • Additional Facts 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1, 5+1, 6+1, 7+1, 8+1, 9+1.
  • Bible Lessons

    Bible Stories

  • Creation, Noah, Boy Samuel, Daniel, Boyhood of Jesus, Zacchaeus, Good Samaritan (includes memory verses and hymn/chorus).
  • Music and Arts & Crafts

  • Traditional and fun songs
  • Development of motor skills in drawing, coloring, cutting, and gluing.