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Policy and Forms

Policy & Forms

Admission Requirements

Preschool Requirements

Your child must be two years old on or before July 1, three years old or four years old.

Kindergarten Requirements

Your child must be five years old on or before July 1 of the school year for which you are applying for admission.

School Hours/Daily Schedule

Monday through Friday.7:00AM 5:30PM

General Information

Holiday Schedule (non-school days)

  • Thanksgiving Day and the Following Day
  • Christmas – the day before Christmas and Christmas
  • Day and the week following Christmas
  • New Year’s Day- the day before New Year’s Day
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day-Birthday Observance
  • Good Friday
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day (July 4th)
  • Two (2) days per year for teacher training (days will announced)

Snow Days

In case of inclement weather forcing school to be closed the school closing will be announced on the television stations: KCTV (5), ABC (9), One Call Telephone System Network and WDAF (4)

Things Your Child Will Need at School

  • 1 complete change of clothes –bottom, top, and underwear-suitable for the season. Please label your child’s belongings (first and last name)
  • 1 medium sized bag for soiled clothing to be replaced after each use.
  • 2 Beach Towels for nap time each week. No towels, no nap.
  • 2 Boxes of Kleenex

Child Abuse

It is mandatory that this learning facility reports any and all noted instances of child abuse or child neglect.


If a child is taking medication we will not be responsible for administering any type of medication.

Discipline Policy

The purpose of the disciplinary policy of the Paseo Baptist Learning Center is to facilitate the maturation process among students, teach good moral character and to direct those students toward productive citizenship in a democratic society and a Christ-centered atmosphere.
A. Verbal Correction: in some instance the director or teacher may correct the student by using a verbal reprimand.
B. Deprivation of Privileges: in some instance the director or teacher may correct the student by withholding privileges for a limited period.
C. If the student’s conduct become disruptive and cannot be handle by the teacher. He or she may be sent to the director’s office and if the director sees that it is necessary the parent will be called. If the student continues to act out and has 3 warnings for misconduct, he or she will be suspended or expelled.
D. If the student becomes uncontrollable, not willing to listen and displays the behavior listed below, the parent will be called and the student could be suspended or expelled for a period of time determined by the director.
  • Negative attitude in response to verbal correction i.e. Pushing out moth, rolling eyes, raise
  • Violating another person accidentally or deliberately. i.e. hitting, spitting, kicking, or pushing
  • Playing on steps
All this is in keeping with our biblical philosophy and purpose of this discipline policy. Proverbs 13:24; Proverbs 29:15

Teacher – Home Contact

From time to time there will be parent-teacher meetings to discuss the children’s progress and to elicit parent concerns and ideas. Notices will be provided in advance of such meetings. An open house will be held at the beginning of each year. Information regarding the exact date of each open house will be announced in advance.


If you desire to have a Birthday Celebration for your child(ren) at the school, please contact the director one week in advance. Parents should make provisions for cake and /or ice cream, plates, spoons/folks, and napkins, enough for children and teachers of the school (not just the child’s class…please see the Director for total headcount). Parents are invited to have lunch with their child on his/her special day.


Immunization records and medical examination for are due upon enrollment. If not available at the time of enrollment, a grace period of 5 working days will be granted.


Nursery 2 – Kindergarten 5 – Red shirts, navy jumpers, navy slacks, navy shorts.

First Friday (Spirit Day for the School)

On the first Friday of each month the children are to wear the red Paseo Baptist Learning center shirts, which can be purchased for the Parent Association. In addition, the red shirts are to be worn when the children go on field trips.
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